How We Measure Impact

Osteoporosis affects an estimated 75 million people in Europe, USA, and Japan. That is, 16% of all people living in Europe, USA, and Japan. (Pop: 1.184 Billion) Additionally, 33% of all women and 20% of all men will experience a bone fragility fracture in their lifetime. (Source: International Osteoporosis Foundation) Our Mission: is simply to decrease these numbers. How do we do that? We invent and deliver technology to enable researchers, scientists, and ultimately doctors to test more than just bone density - but material strength as well. (Pictures of BioDentā„¢ and OsteoProbeĀ®) Until we are able to provide doctors and patients with the tools to better assess bone fracture risk, we measure our success based on a few numbers:

75950coming soonLast updated: 2/12/16The number of articles and publications featuring our technology: Reference Point Indentation. The number of citations Reference Point Indentation has had. The number of discoveries made related to bone illnesses and diseases due to the availability of our technology. In the future, we'll be able to measure our success by: Number of medical professionals using our technology to help people, number of patients lives touched by our technology, and at some point... number of lives saved, active years extended, quality of life improved. But for now, we need your help! How can you get involved? Click on each icon below to learn more.

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